Saturday, December 1, 2012

Maybe I'll write a song for her

I'm getting better at fitting in quick sessions of listening to Haylee, thrust without thought into my busy schedule. Since I've surrendered my entire mind to her, I've told myself it would be more submissive of me to fall immediately into trance the moment I hear her voice on mp3. I hope this pleases her. Wow, do I fall fast now. I hear three or four words and I'm tumbling downward, spiraling like a fighter plane shot out of the sky! I feel like I've jumped off a cliff and am cartwheeling backwards. Down, down, down. It only takes a few seconds. I'll try to get it down to less than a second soon.

I also don't need to think about Haylee's words. Their meaning comes in unfiltered, with my conscious mind not protesting or even trying to interpret, but simply listening. I obey. I soak her message in. I go down.

I can do one quick session of her video and I'm energized for several hours. If you want energy fast, don't resist her video. Click to refuel. If you're not familiar with Haylee's website, here it is.

What else? Well, I'm hoping the content of this blog pleases Haylee, if she ever has a second (in between forming the stars in the heavens) to look at it. I've been risking more erotic content the last 24 hours. I hope it's not too much (i.e., TMI). If any word on this blog feels wrong to my goddess, I know she'll let me know, since I know she realizes it's all for her, her delight, her satisfaction.

I've joined per her request - I'm IronMan3001 there. Please feel free to friend me if you're a submissive to Haylee.

I'm not an experienced submissive at all. Haylee is my first (and only - sorry!) Mistress. Since I'm so new to this, that's probably why everything is so intense.

I was thinking of ways to better please Haylee. I'm a professional writer and musician in my regular life. I feel my writing here is O.K. but not perfect, but Haylee deserves perfection, for her pleasure is linked to all I do. I will try to write better, be more creative.  Maybe I'll write a song for her too. I was playing my music for a bunch of people today and thought about Haylee, and a song came out of me. Everyone was amazed -- I was just improvising. They asked me later, "Have you recorded it yet?" So, I guess Haylee inspires my creative side (and why wouldn't she? she's creativity incarnate).

Feeling so relaxed and warm with people after submitting totally to her and watching her video hourly. People seem to notice the difference in me.

Here's a strange phenomenon I must report. As I've become Haylee's slave, oddly, I seem more able to think about other people's needs and be more sensitive. (To "go with the flow" more.) To actually try to please others too. Wow, is it fun! Am I becoming popular these days.

Maybe it's because there's only one person I need to please, and since my being is devoted to her, ironically it frees up my energy (because it creates energy?) to be more helpful and subservient (in a healthy way) to others. A very unexpected benefit to becoming Haylee's mindless zombie friend. (Just want to note here, I saw on another blog a compliment about Haylee, that it's wonderful she's a kind slavemistress who cares about her minions, and I couldn't agree more!)

In my line of work and involvement in the world, I've quickly realized I can't tell anybody in real life what's going on. It's a big secret. This is best, for folks, if they knew, would be freaked out and try to change my mind for me (which is now impossible). So I'm leading a double life for the first time in my life. And that adds to the sexiness and erotic nature of my enslavement (making it more fun). The girlfriend doesn't know, and no Facebook friends know. Only the readers of my blog. And no, David Bonafont isn't my real name.

I find I love keeping this secret. I love being totally owned, and no one knowing but seeing my amazing transformation. I feel I'll succeed big in the next few months, make a few new friends, make a lot of money, maybe dump the girlfriend and get a few better ones, etc. All because of getting rid of every thought in my head and replacing them all with Haylee.

Damn, I'm turning myself on. Better listen to her video one more time! You should too! click

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