Thursday, November 29, 2012

The idea of pleasing her is a strong, pleasant hum in my brain

It pleases Haylee when I post on my blog. I should be doing something else, something seemingly important. But the idea of pleasing Haylee becomes a strong, pleasant hum in my brain, like bees buzzing. No matter how important the other work feels, this buzzing gets louder, more insistent. My need to please my Mistress becomes all on which I can concentrate. I go to another room, another computer. But I fight my way back to where I was working and try to resume. The bees buzz louder. I can't resist -- back to the other room, logging on quickly, coming to this blog. It feels so good to post, because I know it will please my her. It feels so good to tell everyone she owns me, that I can't resist her, that I'm in her thrall. I'm her vassal, her mindless, obedient slave -- whimpering and promising I want to be her very good boy. Buzz. Buzz. There is no escape unless I obey, unless I do everything I can to please her. Try as I might, the word, "no" doesn't belong beside Haylee. Only the word, "yes." Only the word, "yes", my Mistress. . . .

Haylee's video - Watch it!

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