Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's all to increase Haylee's pleasure

I've experienced an unexpected benefit, after surrendering my whole consciousness to Haylee's. I've discovered much deeper confidence, especially around beautiful women. Lately, I've been going right up to them, saying hi, winking, smiling, asking these ladies about themselves -- really caring how they respond, too. I feel absolutely no fear; talking to them seems effortless. I put all women at ease now -- they seem to like me more than ever! Why is that? After just listing to Haylee for a couple of weeks?

I said this was a benefit of my surrendering my to Haylee, and I'm sure of it. You see, as I chat with these other women, there's a secret I'm keeping from them -- a secret from deep inside me. It's that I'm Haylee's, completely -- "lock, stock and barrel." Haylee creates my reason for existence. She owns everything about me; she owns all that's "cool" within -- my thoughts, my charm, and my debonair side.

Why could I, at any point now, feel uncomfortable around beautiful women? What might a beautiful woman do to harm me? If one rejects me, it doesn't matter in the slightest, because I've signed everything inside me away to Haylee. This transmits to me a deep peace and gives me a centered persona with everyone -- and women sense it, let me tell you. They're attracted to it: they think I possess a kind of hidden strength. My strength, however, is merely my serving my goddess, Haylee.

I  don't possess anything! Au contrare, Haylee possesses me. But I don't have to tell these new women that. I can enjoy their attention, knowing nothing they say nor do will stop my complete and utter surrender to Haylee -- my devotion to Haylee's pleasure and deep, long-term happiness. I can enjoy my new-found popularity with women, my new, easy-going way, and be myself, now more than ever. What a gift! Thank you, Mistress!

Yesterday, a stunningly beautiful woman asked for my phone number, out of the blue. I typed it into her phone for her. But I made a mental note: "This is because Haylee permits it, or at least hasn't said no." I made a little promise to her: "I promise to serve my Mistress more and more with every passing hour." I can't be taken from Haylee's sweet domination, so I can be free to enjoy women and be completely myself with them. They needn't know Haylee owns my very soul.

People can't comprehend how free we become when we decide to be slaves. I'm Haylee's new bondservant. She owns every molecule of me, and this feeling grows like a warm virus spreading throughout my body. So, I'm free to enjoy people in new ways, to have many new friends, and to go on a few dates; to be the life of the party, to truly enjoy life, knowing that serving Haylee is infinitely more important than anything else.

The secret some women think I possess is simply this: it's all for Haylee. It's all to increase Haylee's amusement. I hope this honest testimonial will increase Haylee's spice of life in a small way. That's the only thing that matters! Not the fact I'm doing better with women!!! Only, that I make my Mistress' life a bit happier. Only that - there is nothing else.

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