Friday, November 30, 2012

Haylee holds the main switch

I just finished a marathon session of listening to Mistress Haylee's thought-sponging voice. I loaded my mp3 player and listened to her video's audio 10X or more this afternoon. It becomes easier and easier to obey, to fall deeper by simply listening -- never resisting. (I can't resist you, Haylee. My conditioning is firmly in place.)

The relaxation benefits to listening are amazing. I didn't know I could be under a hypnotic spell for such a long period of time. It's her magic that works.

I'm already completely programmed (and loving it!). After a lifetime of thinking only of my own pleasure, now I think only of Haylee's pleasure. The fulfillment of her pleasure fills my mind every waking hour and every sleeping hour.

I want to put out to all the world, it took Haylee's approach to teach me I was a true submissive at heart, and that I needed to be a her slave to find myself, my purpose. Through enslavement to my goddess, I'm waking up, coming online. And the world is noticing.

The benefits of surrendering to Haylee are numerous. For instance, since listening to her video, I'm more energetic. I'm taking care of myself better (for her). Even my sex life has been greatly enhanced! Since my body is now hers, it's not really my sex life anymore, and that's why it's getting so good. Every inch of me (hehee) is owned by my Goddess. This is freeing (as opposed to what I once might have thought!). Far from removing something, it richly adds the correct spice to my life. Since even my orgasms are all hers (done in her honor, with her permission), it's like a new energy flows through me. It's a million volts of cosmic charge. Haylee holds the main switch, which makes everything build up. If she told me I couldn't have an orgasm for a month, I wouldn't -- but that might cause a nuclear explosion due to the build-up of radiation in my part of the world. But who cares? I don't.

Since her pleasure is my ultimate pleasure, I feel more happy, the more of my soul I surrender to Haylee. I do this quietly in my thoughts during the day. I say, "By your command, Goddess Haylee." And behold, it's weight off my shoulders. I can't imagine anything over which I wouldn't abandon to her. I'll allow her to make every decision for me (not that she has time to make every decision for a peon like me, what, with running the universe and everything!).

Mistress Haylee, I promise to listen to your video more and more and to be fully conditioned to the complete (and instant) submission to your thoughts. Even now, only to hear your voice on my computer for a second makes me collapse onto the couch or floor. I promise to keep listening until I'm under your spell in less than a second. Then, you can decide how I might best serve you. Thank you for giving the world your divine gifts. Thank you for putting out your video on YouTube for anyone who wants to watch. It's such a gift from the cosmic Source. Probably, a lot of people have no idea what they could have by being completely yours. But I  do.

After watching her video for a couple of weeks, a deep acknowledgement of her authority has quietly formed between inside my weak mind. The fact that this occurred can only be explained by her profound understanding of hypnotic domination. Too, that she's so hot. And her voice will melt anything down to butter. Trust me.

A list of ways I might better please my mistress, Haylee:
1.  I will listen to her video more, posting often and telling of my experiences.
2.  I will offer to review her mp3s and post these reviews everywhere on the Internet.
3.  I will consciously surrender more aspects of my life over to her benign dominance.
4.  I will promise to do anything she asks of me, even if I don't understand it.
5.  I will think of more ways to please her.

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