Thursday, November 29, 2012

Obeying her has quiet, mind-draining rewards

Mindless, obedient slaves of Goddess Haylee:
I address you, speaking as one of you.
It really is easy to listen to her all the time.
She's commanded that.
We all have time to watch her video again,
listen to her mp3's once more
before going to bed.
Once more! Maybe twice? How about 200 times?
What a privilege to be owned by her mind. . . .
It's so easy. She's told us it pleases her greatly to serve her
by listening to her melodic words.
We crave them; we crave her.
She's commanded we listen over and over.
So, put your headphones on.
Transfer those mp3's to your phone, so
you can listen more often.
Obeying her has quiet, mind-draining rewards.

Haylee's video

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