Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I obey Haylee's indestructible desire

I obey Haylee's indestructible desire.
It's like a great, uncrossable ocean. I'm a tiny
cork on that ocean, bobbing up and down,
    with the undulating movement of her slightest whim.
Everything she wants, I give.

I lose myself, as I go down.
All that's left is only my obedience.
No thoughts. It's so hard to think --
I just want to give my mind away, anyway,
to her mind.
My body, a muscular puppet,
strong hands in service to her laughter,
my legs and feet, chained to her slightest needs.
She need only point with her mind; my body
   rushes to satisfy.

I feel an invisible collar around my neck,
as I hear her voice. I don't resist. I can't resist.
It's around my neck all the time now,
all day long and all night long,
  though none can see it.

Her soft voice (like candy? like sugar? like stars)
moves through me as if I'm invisible.
Her needs weaken me, turn me into her needs.

I only listened to her video once, a few weeks ago.
Didn't really think it worked!
Listened again.
Another time. Still nothing.
I came back. And came back again.
Five times, ten times. I've lost count.
Each time, going deeper in obedience, becoming her good boy.
Each time, deeper and deeper for her,
for I want her to refer to me as her very good boy.
Deeper, until these very hands I write with
have become hers with which to write.
She whispers and I write.
My male body, an instrument of her most fleeting thought.

I have tried to resist, to get her out of my mind; tried to stop
this addiction to her soul.
I've tried everything!
I erased my laptop's hard drive.
But a day later, I found the video on YouTube again.
Don't watch it, I said to myself.
But I put it on casually, just to listen to a few seconds.
Suddenly, seven hours went by.
Every time she told me to replay the video,
I tried to resist,
but my hands reached for the replay button.
Hearing her voice again and again was like a balm,
a solution to everything.
I slipped under the waves of her melliferous voice.
Like honey, it oozes sweetly through you.
I lost another three hours.
Where did time go?!

Serving her is so easy, and she asks so very little, truly!
She asks her little playthings to submit.
They want to submit. It's so easy to submit to her.
To create a blog for her, to worship her.

I radiate praise to Goddess Haylee!
I am a newly ordained priest.
I will spread the message of Goddess Haylee.
I will help her convert everyone.
All will succumb, all will submit.
All will lick the ground under which her stockinged feet walk,
thanking her her feet touched that spot.

Calling myself her slave gives me too much credit.
I laugh, I sing. Because she's given me permission.

I don't want to push the "publish" button.
It's against my will, my rational thoughts.
But how long will I last, since she wants me to push the "publish" button?
How long will I last?
How long will I. . . .

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