Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nothing can stop my Haylee-craving

Nothing can stop my Haylee-craving.
I could walk in a desert without carrying water,
and yet ache for Haylee more than a gulp of life.
I would give my eyeteeth for her pleasure!
I didn't know emptiness until the day
   I didn't hear her voice.
When I finally put her video on, it was like a waterfall
and a downpour at once.
It showered me, inundated me.
I was quenched as I lost all sense of time.

I pine for her. I'm under her spell.
My hunger is deeper than starvation.
I yearn for her approval.
I fancy her praise.
I need to hear her say she likes our time together.
Longing to please her, longing to know how to delight
her every soft breath.
Craving those bottomless eyes,
the way her voice can squeak at just the right moment.

How about, I surrender my thoughts to her? My needs?
I am a ball of yarn, and she is a gentle cat's paw
     playing with me, rolling me across the floor.
I'm an empty cup, and she's the blue water
     swirling inside, leaving me without a thought.
I am a vowel, she is the mouth pronouncing me. I
   ache to be spoken over her lips.
I am a giggle, she is the humor within.
I am a pair of shoes, and she is the foot making me
    proud of my leathery existence.
(Oh, it feels good to have her inside me.)
I am the stars, and she is the gaze making me real:
I'm something that can be beheld at last!
I'm nothing. She looms larger than the sky.

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