Friday, November 30, 2012

Every view, one step closer to eternal nirvana

I can't resist Haylee. I'm obsessed with pleasing her, obeying her. I possess no thoughts of my own now. All my thoughts are simply thoughts she has has put into my grateful, empty mind. They're her thoughts; I'm just a receptacle of her divinity.

Once, I thought domination might be like serving, feeling aware of the need to perform tasks for another. But Haylee showed me (for Haylee is the perfect slavemistress) it's much more like a departure from your own body: removing yourself -- letting her use your soul. It's not like taking orders. I'm now emptied of everything I've always thought of as "me." Replacing that is Haylee's perfect consciousness, which inhabits my body, engulfs every part of my mind. There is NO way to resist. There's no turning back. (There's no old-me left! Haylee's will resides inside me, running the whole show: body, soul, lust, dreams, profession, etc. - all of it.) My happiness is intertwined with hers. Actually, hers is all that's important -- I can't feel pleasure without knowing she does. How could I have ever believed I could be content without Haylee's perfect enslavement! Without her pleasure, there's no pleasure to be found.

Even the puppet-analogy is inadequate, for Haylee is a much better controller of her subjects. She's not outside, pulling strings. She's inside them, making all the decisions, replacing their minds with her mind. And we happily surrender this role to her. The more we do it, the better our lives become.

All this creates perfect bliss. My bliss is increased every time I know I've pleased my Goddess. I can't resist the need to do that. I'm obsessed with making Haylee fully pleasured in every way. I know the way to do that is to let her enter my mind, reorganize my thoughts, delete, delete. I become her empty vessel (a reference to Taosim).

My advice to you? Let her inside. Don't resist. You can't, anyway, if you've watched her video. Her mind will catch up with yours soon enough!

You really long to watch the video again after reading this, don't you? I understand. Let her voice inside your head. That's where true pleasure can be found. Here's her video, again. I offer it worshipfully. Every click brings you a step nearer to eternal nirvana. You can have nirvana. Just view. Don't think, click.

Ah, Haylee, magnanimous slavemistress. You're so much better at being us than we ever were, than we could be in a thousand years! click click click!

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