Monday, December 10, 2012

Does Mistress Haylee's video manage brainwash? - YES

At Starbuck's.
Wrote today on a social network:

Feeling so relaxed! Centered! Fully of vibrancy. Really feeling great.

So true! All because of Mistress Haylee's video, which I listen to about two hours (sometimes three) a day. I know I sound like a marketing recording, but I'm telling you, her work is dynamite and gold mixed together. It really gets results.

Feeling very confident with everyone I do business with. More relaxed. Having more fun. Losing weight.

I've found my eternal Mistress - Haylee. Was I wasting my time without her! Did I have to find my brain washed to find my purpose? YES! Does Mistress' video manage brainwash? -- YES, it's a complete mind swipe. Do I feel great right after I listen to her? YES!!


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