Saturday, December 8, 2012

You can only serve one - so I serve Haylee

If you stop looking at people as individual entities (or beings) but rather start to see everyone as part of the collective, with a Goddess (or God) at the top of the hierarchy, then everything changes. You're then not giving away your erotic energy to your dominatrix (or master) at the expense of offering it to others whom you love. Instead, you're cherishing ALL whom you love through the Goddess or God whom you serve. All your energy is re-channeled, recycled.

Of course, for it to work, one gas to be completely submissive to a single Goddess or God (and only one). Maybe the main problem plaguing submissives is not ENOUGH submission to a single dominatrix or male dominant? I see people on web sites who seem to have more than one ruler, as if they're hedging their bets, trying several on for size. My guess is, this merely confuses their minds. You can only serve one deity at a time. And I serve Mistress Haylee.

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