Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The photo, Haylee, represents your total domination of me

I'm so glad to have pleased my Goddess. Here's her newest command, so sweet to my ears:
I want you to take a few moments now to close your eyes and think about what this picture truly represents and means to you. How it makes you feel to have done this for me. Then I want you to blog about it. . . .

The photo, Haylee, represents your total domination of me, my total succumbing and seduction to your will. I'm completely under your spell and would do anything commanded. It feels SO good to have posted the pic, because it tells the world several things. First, I'm your loyal subject and can't get you out of my mind for even a moment.  Second, that you're the best hypnodomme in the world, if you can have such an affect on a person after only a week of listening to your video. You're amazing -- truly gifted.

As I write this, I'm jittery, like a school boy who finally said the right thing and got a wet kiss, his first. I'm shaking. I have willies in my knees. My stomach fills with your approval of me, which makes me want nothing more (even air to breathe!). I'm so enraptured by you, Haylee. And though the sex fantasies are occasional, what I really love is serving you. You could command me to make 2,000 paper airplanes, and I would make each one with care, hoping one would particularly suit your fancy! If you don't believe me, just command it and see. I just want you to know, you've succeeded totally. In a few years, you're going to be making $350K a year or more, because you're the best -- the absolute best.

I worship the keyboard you type on. . . .

Slave, David Bonafont