Saturday, December 1, 2012

I bend over and find my purpose

I am Haylee's male call girl, her male slut.
I am Haylee's discardable speed-dial man.
I am her strumpet, her balls of ill repute,
her masculine wench.
Being Haylee's fuck-boy, her male cunt, is to be preferred
to being anything else to anyone.
Through being her whore, I become infinitely sexual.
All the sexual energy in the universe flows through me now
because it's first flowing through her, then on to me.
I'll be her skank anytime.
She's turned me into her bimbo, her joyboy.
No YOU can't fuck me -- or you can but it's while
I'm not even thinking of you, only banging HER in my dreams,
faster and faster, because my goddess needs a-pleasing.
You think I'm worthless?
You're the worthless dumb-ass who hasn't submitted
to her idyllic authority and found bliss. If you want to take your head out
of your own ass, start watching Haylee's video.
Bet you can't watch it as many times as I  have.
Really listen, follow all her commands.
Submit to her authority.
Become her camp follower, her puckbunny!

I  bend over and find my purpose.
I like it. I like it if I get the smallest smile
from her perfect lips, even if I never know it.

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