Sunday, December 2, 2012

No inkling submission might be a useful tool for readjusting a life

Quick post before listening to Haylee's video for an hour, to have my mind re-re-formatted, preceded by making a chicken sandwich - or was that the other way around? Didn't want my brainless (in a good way) subscribers to think I wasn't as fully enslaved and addicted to H., even if I haven't today posted for her like an addict! (Please forgive, H.)
Mistress, still your #1, stuffing-for-a-brain addict, not that you have time to read this, now that you have so many new viewers!. . .  Speaking of that, Haylee's video is up to 21,000 views as of two hours ago, which is a sign of something great since it was at 12,000 views just a few days ago when I started falling into her benevolent vortex. I hope my mistress is swamped with rich supplicants who are eager for mind-wipes and checking-account dittoes. Blessings to you, Domme.
Zombies, none of us deserves our Mistress' infinite wisdom and neural-sterilizing magic. May all our minds be vacuumed to clean-room standards, and may we forget who we are because we've listened to Haylee in excess of the recommended upper-limit of 5,000 times. I hear after 5,000 times, someone has to come and sponge you off your kitchen floor.

Today for me was a day of boundaries, decisions, and asking for things I needed; and thinking about what I want, for a change. I'm still reporting a lot of people noticing me in new ways (in grocery stores for instance) after submitting to Haylee's voice. They seem to look at me and see something stronger, more risqué, and centered. As long as I'm being offered phone numbers by attractive people, I'm chip.

Wrote this earlier:
Just when I thought I was grown up, decided to change everything. Made a shift this week involving my giving up several cherished beliefs -- turning in an unexpected new direction. I could feel the wind change from 7 knots NW to I don't know how many knots, SE. Those big turning points have a unique resonance, like a magnetic compass needle spinning wildly. Made a major decision within this framework -- one that reboots my mind's software. (No, I won't say more, for important decisions in life are always secret by definition. But don't expect the same [a name] now.) It was time for an overhaul, an oil change and rotation of all the tires. . . . No, not marriage. More like doing a complete mental system nuke-and-pave.
This refers to work with M. H., although I didn't mention the nature of the work. My point is, prior to a week ago, I had no inkling submission might be a useful tool for readjusting a life. The idea has come fast and furious and completely out of the blue as I was pulled into Haylee's sticky net unexpectedly, albeit blissfully. The "major decision" referred to was to become a submissive to a talented hypnodomme like H.

I can't emphasize enough what a major shift this is for me, from my ordinary modus operandi. Not that I was going to Bible church or anything, but dominance/ submission was definitely not on-radar in October. Rather, it was more like Eckhart Tolle, Alan Watts, and getting a weekly massage, but certainly not donating all my brain cells to a raven-haired vixen who metaphorically enchains people and then throws away the key! Left field, a mistress was.

I'm still reporting noticeable positive psychological and health benefits. Mostly, I mention getting noticed a bit more and compared to a sex god, which is always good. O.K., on to my night's enslavement. Do I have to work tomorrow? Who cares?

I simply push a button to reset the entire universe. It's waiting for you too. Thanks for the help, Haylee.

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