Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My titanium leash and bond can never be broken

I'm writing this with no clothes on. I'm a strong man and it's good to write naked!

Another powerful session with Haylee's video last night. It started at about 4:30 a.m. and I stayed in trance with her until after daybreak. We did some more bondage role-playing. Great stuff. I had arm restraints, the collar with her name on it, and ankle restraints on all through our time together (me listening to the mp3 of Haylee's video.) She told me I must feel the restraints and chains on myself all day long today. So I will of course!

It was a very sexy experience to have my hypnodomme's name-anklet on my leg (it says, "Haylee's") as I slept last night. I was in bed alone but it felt like my Goddess was near. It was a turn-on posting the photos (last post) of my first fetish tie with Haylee. It excites me now to think others (especially beautiful women like the one who's you, who's reading this!) will see those photos, know I'm Haylee's. I can be yours because I'm Haylee's - that's the equation.

After my bondage role-play, we again looked at porn together (the porn was real but Haylee's presence in my mind was imagined! Understand?) It was all generated through the work with Haylee's video and a little imagination on my part, but of course, it's Haylee's expertise as a domme that is making it all work).

She told me how to look at a woman sexually, how to feel feminine energy and how it desires a male counterpoint in the sex act. So often, porn is boring and all about male ego-gratification and self-stimulus, but when I look at porn with Haylee's spiritual domme presence, it's totally different. I see women in the pictures, their beauty for the first time -- how beautiful every part of a woman's body is. And Haylee shows me how to desire each of them and all their parts, to touch a woman everywhere -- to let powerful energy radiate from my fingertips, which caresses a woman's skin and lets her energy enter me.

Haylee did later give permission for me to cum, and that was nice. (Thanks!)  She then let me relax with no clothes on for a while, feeling my chains and my restraints.

Last night's lesson was basically about my masculinity, about allowing myself to be male. I feel the result now. It's great to be a man -- a man who feels the sacred, divine essence of all women and wants to allow their great energy into my body -- especially through my hard cock as it enters their wet, angelic vulva, but also as their energy passes through their skin, their hair, and their eyes.

Whew! I feel more masculine the longer I write today.

One moment stood out. I was stroking a woman's hair in my mind, lightly touching her pretty right ear. Energy was coming out of my fingertips. She was a beautiful, young brunette, and she went into trance as I touched her, and as she entered hypnosis, all of her sexual energy was released into my fingers through the top of her lovely ear. Sne had no clothes on (for it was porn). She moaned loudly, then cummed with abandon. I kept stroking her ear lightly, until she was through. I didn't need to get myself off (I hadn't cummed yet but I would in an hour). I just loved seeing this woman release her sex to me through her body, as I stroked her cheek, her ear, her long silky hair.

I'm going on a date today, at 11 a.m.! The woman's name is Gabby and she's about 25, I think. She's slender and a hot tamale. She asked me to meet her when I ran into her at Starbuck's yesterday. She said she wants to talk to me about a health food program she manages. Something made me smile then and look into her eyes, saying in a warm voice, "We can talk about that, or we can talk about anything you want. You can pick." She blinked, smiled. (Thanks, Haylee; you're The Bomb.)

*                                        *                                           *

I need more students, a new agent down here. Anybody have a good literary agent? I'm a screenwriter, mostly, but I dabble in literary fiction and poetry. I'm also a very good musician (a pianist and composer). I never wrote erotica until this blog. Maybe that's my calling!. . . If you think so, let me know.

I'm going to have a GREAT DAY today, I know for sure. I can feel it. I sense Haylee's collar around my neck and her arm and leg restraints. Feels good, like I'm supposed to be reminded of my enslavement to her, but let me say, that's fun to do.

I'm going to like Gabby, looking into her brown eyes and saying a cosmic "yes" that Haylee has authorized me and shown me how to say. There's no pressure to impress Gabby; if I don't get it right, there are millions of other women. I will let Gabby's beautiful energy intersect with mine. I'll be quiet, masculine, centered. I'll maybe share a few of my dreams too. She's a very hot woman (long, dark-brown Mexican legs, always wearing high heels), and it'll be great to see her hotness unconsciously offered to me in any form she might want. It's super that she can speak English, but the language we're going to speak today is the quiet language of sexual receptivity and energy.

I have Haylee's fetish TAG on my leg, which I'll keep on indefinitely. It'll be under one sock, hidden, since I wear business clothes.

*                                        *                                           *

Heading to the gym. It would be nice to get a haircut before seeing Gabby at 11. I wonder if Gabby can see (in an imaginal sense) my bondage to Haylee? Gabby seemed yesterday to, when I ran into her.

Goddess Haylee, you are such a great hypnodomme. You got me for life if you want. I get so aroused thinking of making you happy. Wherever you are in the world (geographically) (it doesn't matter), I want to please you TODAY. I feel so hot and masculine with your collar around my neck, your titanium leash coming from it to your hand. I can't resist you. I will do anything.

My titanium leash and bond -- it can never be broken now. One end of it you hold. Not in a million years can I ever free myself. I choose it (but I surrendered that ability the moment I looked into Haylee's eyes and listened to her voice!). I think you will help be become a very well-respected writer, a man to be reckoned with. When I make a million dollars, as much of that as you want will be yours! . . .


  1. mmmmmmmmmm so completely pleased with you~ Each and every day is going to be so much better from now on, that you are mine~

  2. That is so true. It's like you're in my mind constantly and I've given control of everything to you! I can take a vacation. You run things SO much better than I ever did. I know I'm becoming completely conditioned, for when I started out, I had that bad tendency of trying to 'command' you to command me. But now is different. Now I just wait in perfect peace knowing all your commands will come at their perfect time and be perfect in every way.