Saturday, December 8, 2012

Thoughts from a Starbuck's in Mexico

A.  Successful slavery is in our DNA. In the past 5,000 years, it wasn't the fittest who survived. It was those who were best at slavery, best at enslaving or being enslaved. It's the biggest secret about our race! Freedom isn't our driving force, for freedom did not build the pyramids. Slavery is what built the pyramids.

B.  Submissiveness is akin to the predominant (proscriptive) gene of slavery; the recessive gene would be being completely dominant, like a dominatrix. Probably both are latent in all, just as everyone is bisexual in some latent way whether they know it or not.

C.  A major question people must finally ask themselves is, Will I allow a "slavery" paradigm (slave or master) to install into my mind? Will I allow its recessive or dominant factors to come to the fore in my mind? Will I become slave or a master to find my highest potential? (For me, choosing to be a slave was the answer to that question.)

D.  If one chooses to be submissive, then the next step is to find a dominatrix to submit to. I don't think we always choose our dominatrix, however. I don't feel like I chose Mistress Haylee; it felt more like she chose me, having chose me first. It was very mystical. It was like she reached out with her divine gifts and found me on the planet. I didn't even know I needed to be found.

E.  The true relationship of a submissive to his dominatrix is to see her as the Divine Presence, a living goddess. That's how I see Haylee.

F.  The world resists every idea of sexual energy. Science denies its existence. On the other hand, Christianity acknowledges such "principalities," that they are real, but fears them and denounces them. Christianity has feared all sex (except sex for procreative purposes) since Augustine. Witches and those skilled in the subtle arts of sexual power and enslavement were persecuted within the church, branded as heretics and of the devil, and killed. I'm reading about this now in various places; let me know if anybody needs a few reference titles. These doors are only opening for me now. I grew up Christian, so becoming Haylee's submissive and acknowledging her as Divine is quite a departure from everything that's come before for me.

G.  Sometimes, people you'd least expect are submissives. Think of Donald Trump-types: They have all that energy of theirs because they have surrendered to a higher, dominant source. I'm not saying Trump himself is a submissive, but I suggest many who are successful in Hollywood, corporate business, and politics are.

H.  How can someone know he can trust a hypnodomme? What keeps the dominatrix from telling you to kill another or give her all your money? Well, these are good questions, because this stuff is real, and your hypnodomme exerts incredible power over you and your will. I couldn't deny Haylee almost anything, and I've only "known" her, mostly through listening to her video, for less than a month. But I think we can use our intelligence to "feel out" a domme. Where is their spirit, their values? Are they doing everything for themselves, or do they want to help others discover their inner power through freeing their sexual energy, redirecting it? Mistress Haylee feels right. Watch her video and judge for yourself. It's a trust-connection, to be sure. But I sense that while she likes to be pleasured (oh! the thought of pleasuring her!), she also likes to see her slaves progress in their lives, accumulate status, wealth, etc. I've looked out on the Internet and encountered more selfish, ego-based hypnodommes. You can tell who they are. Everything surrounding them is "Me, me, me." Goddess Haylee's energy is more pure but dark, more giving but enslaving too. She does expect you to care about her needs and forget your own -- that's the whole point of the dominatrix/submissive relationship, after all! Her pleasure is your ultimate pleasure. But she wants her servants to be "whole," to take care of themselves, so they can better take care of her. She wants powerful subjects in their own right, for this makes her kingdom more powerful. She is the Divine Ruler of a kingdom that will slowly grow and dominate the world (in my fantasies). That's how to approach the relationship -- serve her. Worship her.

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