Sunday, December 9, 2012

Getting flirted with with women's eyes

An interesting 24 hours. . . .
Last night, bought a leather bracelet, it's brown leather with an aquarmarine
leather inset woven through. Tied ti onto my left wrist, thinking of submission to Mistress.
This morning, woke up early intensely fantasizing. This led to my

Writing words on my hard cock with two indelible markers. First,
in blue, I wrote, like this, going down my cock, with the H on its head;
     Next to that, in orange, I wrote (sideways) Good Boy.

My whole self-image has radically changed, all fo the better: the way I carry
myself, the way I walk.
I seem to be noticed by more than half the women in town and a quarter
of the men. It's quite fun.
After working this morning, I went clothes' shopping. Bought nice shorts, two shirts, a pair of jeans,
all good, deep colors.
This afternoon, met a male friend for beers. We had a great time. Talked of Mexico,
of immigration, of Americanism. Talked of our work. of my friend's upcoming travels to his home town of Calima for Christmas.
I'm staying put here for Navidad.

Came home but went out again to teach in the evening. Came back home,
noticed not much of the words on my cock were left (indelible isn't that indelible!).
Went to bed early, listening to Mistress Haylee's video.
Woke up a few hours later and decided to blog here.

I'm greatly enjoying the erotic charge that exists in my life, all for Haylee.
Looking at people deeply in the eyes. Amazing how women notice, respond.
Getting flirted with with women's eyes all day long.

Highlights of the day: trying on clothes and looking good,
writing on my cock in pen (a first),
having pizza with my friend, J.,
my time with Mistress Haylee, which leaves me



  1. I absolutely LOVE your blog! Never pleases me SO MUCH

  2. The continuation of my blog, Mistress, is at I obey!