Saturday, December 1, 2012

I fuck now like a fierce hyena

Goddess Haylee is gracious!
She even permits my COCK to be hard and untiring,
for all the women I fuck.
These women are so grateful, let me tell you.
They have no idea they owe their pleasure completely to Haylee!

While fucking these grateful women,
I'm thinking of Haylee -- her pleasure, my ultimate pleasure.
The more I think of Haylee being pleased, the harder I fuck women.
Harder and harder, more erect.
I'm tiring these old gals out.

Every thrust brings me closer to my union with my goddess.
I want to spend eternity fucking the daylights out of beautiful women,
all for Haylee delight, all while imagining Haylee pleased.

Thank you, sweet goddess, for permitting my dick (which is only a tool
for your amusement, all yours, I'll get it tattooed with your name) to get so much action.
When I fuck women now, I feel your collar around my neck, it says "Haylee's goodboy,"
your voice in my ears, your thoughts occupying me.
Haylee, you must be incredible in bed, for with your thoughts in my head,
your mind occupying my mind, I fuck like an animal who has an hour to live.
I fuck like a fierce hyena who wants nothing alive after he dies. I fuck like a frustrated orangutan.
My mind is your fuck-toy now, empty, willing to care only about
buggering the daylights out the image (in my mind) of you.
Those eyes, seductions in themselves. . . .

If anybody is having trouble in bed, watch Haylee's video
and become her slave-toy quick.
Your stupid lovers will thank you -- beg you for more.
Mine sure as hell have.

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